Sorry I have not done any posts recently. I am working a 6 day week at the moment and by the time I get home it is hard to find the time (and energy!) to write anything.

I had some really bad news from my friend and client Vicky. She had to have her horse Samson euthanised due to grass sickness. Samson was the young horse who had just been going through a growth spurt and I blogged about him before – see this video clip of him smiling during his last treatment.

Samson 150421

Although I try not to get emotionally involved with horses I am treating, I cried when Vicky rang me – it was especially hard to take because Samson was so very young and had been doing so well.

There was also some good news this week: the Irish Wolfhounds I am treating are making incredible progress! I was very pleased to hear this – and slightly surprised as I have never treated dogs before. When I researched the Wolfhound physiology before my first visit though I realised that it is structurally very similar to a horse’s, so maybe I shouldn’t be THAT surprised that the treatments worked!

The third issue I have had to deal with this week is sorting out yet another report to write to yet another saddle company about yet another poor saddle fit! In this case it’s all to do with the shape of the tree. No matter what you do with the rest of the saddle, if the shape of the tree is wrong, the saddle will never fit your horse. You cannot fix a fundamental problem of tree design or bad fit by inserting padding in strategic places under the saddle. Regular readers will know that saddle fit is a real bugbear for me as I am frequently called in to fix problems that have been caused or exacerbated by bad saddles. I will write more on this subject next week.

Have a good weekend everyone!