I seem to have landed a regular gig as the in-house therapist at the Priory Farm rehab centre in Slough (not to be confused with The Priory Hospital in London for posh people) – here’s the link: www.horserehab.co.uk.

Yesterday there was a film crew there, which was quite exciting. Unfortunately it’s all top secret: nobody would tell me what it was for; and I was told that I could not give out any details of what they were doing. All I am allowed to say is that it’s a fictional story, rather than a documentary about horse rehab.

One of the horses on my list yesterday was one that I first saw a week ago. I had told Marie (Edwards, owner of Priory Farm) that I thought it would take me about four sessions to get this horse’s back musculature to release fully. I’ve been doing this job for over 24 years now so I pretty much have a rough idea of how long it takes to de-contract tight back muscles. In this case though I was taken aback by the massive improvement in his back muscles. In just one week they had softened down enough for me to take him off my list completely – fixed! I was told that the staff and owner had noticed a difference immediately after my first session. Since last week’s visit he has been on the water treadmill daily. I’m really amazed at the rejuvenating effect that this piece of equipment has delivered.

Unfortunately, water treadmills are not common – mainly because they cost as much as a small house. Next time I’m there I’ll take a video clip of the treadmill being used. It’s really interesting: the height (and therefore the resistance) of the water is adjusted according to each horses specific requirements and the stage of their treatment. This is where the operator really uses their knowledge and judgment. If this example is anything to go by, Marie really knows her stuff!