Today I have been treating Irish Wolfhounds! They are owned by a very famous person who shows them at Crufts. A couple of them have developed gait issues, so the owner contacted me to see if I could help.

The first thing I did (before my visit) was to look up the Wolfhound’s musculature on the internet. I found it is very similar to that of a horse(!), so I reckoned I could help and accepted the challenge.

The gait is one of the features assessed at Crufts (they have to do the equivalent of a trot up as part of the presentation). Apparently gait issues are quite common in Irish Wolfhounds – and I am not surprised as these dogs are ALL legs. As you can see from the image of the dog with his handler (not the famous owner!), they are the size of a small horse.

Wolfhound portrait

Not being a ‘dog person’ I was a little apprehensive upon starting the treatment: I thought that they might bite me if I hit a tight area. But they were good as gold: Wolfhounds are reputed to have a very gentle nature and these ones certainly lived up to that.

The best thing about treating them was the short amount of time it took to achieve a marked improvement in the gait. Their muscle structure is a lot less bulky than a horse’s so it is easier to break down any stiffness. I am playing it by ear: making sure I pick up as much feedback as I can in each treatment to assess their progress, then using that to decide on the next treatment. Based on today’s observations I am very pleased with the results so far!