Yesterday I was working at Priory Farm rehab centre in Slough. It’s one of the biggest and best in the south of England. They have a water treadmill, a cold salt water hydrotherapy spa and a top-of-the-range 20 metre walker! The walker is harrowed by a small tractor each day rather than swept – it’s just that big.

One of the horses that I treated yesterday belongs to the owner, Marie Edwards. The short video clip here is her horse Harlequin enjoying his treatment. Horses don’t often gnash their teeth like this all whole way through a massage, but Harlequin kept it up the whole time. He probably has toothache today! He didn’t really have any issues, so his massage was more treat than treatment – and he definitely enjoyed it.


I’m going be back there again next week to do follow-up work on some of the horses that I treated yesterday, plus a few new ones.

Working in a rehab yard is very rewarding. You see the horse come in pretty wrecked, then after some time (maybe after only a few weeks) they leave again, completely sound. During this time Marie and her staff build up a relationship with both the horse and the owner and always send them off with a nice farewell including a treatment summary and a tailored after-care programme for each horse. As you probably know, I too take a holistic approach, treating the ‘whole horse’ and ensuring full communication with the owner/rider.

By the way… Marie is looking for a member of staff for Priory Farm. The work comprises general yard duties and occasional maintenance of yard equipment. There is however some physically demanding work as well (up to 15 boxes that need picking out per day). If you know anyone who might be interested (either a man or an exceptionally strong woman!), they can contact Marie via her website (click the Contact Us tab).