I have been using Pennie as my horse masseuse for more than 5 years. She has an excellent style and knowledge of horse physiology and biomechanics. My horses always enjoy her visits and let me know how much better they feel by how much better they work afterwards. Pennie really does care and I would recommend her to anyone: whether your horse is a sport horse (in any discipline) or a happy hacker, a visit from Pennie will benefit them all.

Ernest Dillon, FBHS Training For Success

I have known Pennie for many years, and she has worked on all of my horses and many of my clients’ horses. She is a simply amazing diagnostician, especially skilled at detecting the underlying causes of problems.

Mary Wanless Ride With Your Mind

Pennie is an absolutely essential member of the team. My Gelderlander, Alfie, struggled with left canter half pass as he is naturally right bending with haunches to the right. Within 48 hours after just one treatment from Pennie, he was crossing his right hind in left half pass. Now he counts the days waiting for his monthly treatment!

Tracey Lawson Dressage Instructor

Penny has made a fantastic difference, giving us the extra percentage that helped us to win our section at Area dressage to qualify for the Pony Club Championships. Judge’s comment – rhythmic and supple through all the work

Gina Hemmings Hill Farm Livery Yard

A treatment from Pennie is an essential part of my toolkit for getting the best from my horses. I like how she explains everything and leaves me with homework to do between her visits – and the horses always enjoy it!

Jo Szegota Competition Rider

Thank you so much to Pennie Hooper for all your hard work over the years. This woman is a true legend and expert – we would be at a total loss without her!

Sarah Gwilliam Professional Show Rider and Judge