This is the story of Winnie. He was a difficult ride: jumping out at bushes and even starting at things that were not even there. But the owner decided he was worth the fight and decided to keep him.

In the first picture (taken when I first met him) you can see he has a very pointy bottom, which made him work on his forehand. His shoulder muscles are highly developed, with plenty of definition. He was very grumpy, mainly because he had been in a very tight saddle that didn’t fit him at all well. The owner had consulted my saddle fitter Hannah, who recommended that they call me in. (Hannah always knows when I am needed – and vice versa!) Hannah provided a new saddle that fitted properly and at the same time I started to work on his musculature.

In the second image you can see that his hind quarters are looking a lot more round (apple shaped). His tail set has dropped and his sheath is far less visible as he is using his hind end more efficiently. His back is not being ripped to pieces by a very badly fitted saddle: he is now able to engage his hind quarters so the angle of the his hips has altered drastically.

I also had to persuade the owner to call in my osteopath. She took a while to come around to the idea, but the two of us working together fixed all the issues that were affecting Win. Between us three therapists (saddler, osteopath and sports masseuse) working together, we have succeeded in changing this horse’s life.

Win is now a happy horse: he no longer knaps at strange objects lurking in the bushes. It always takes a team to enable any athlete to reach their maximum potential. Win is now well on the way!

Win 1 arrows     Win 2 arrows